TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.5.0-3.7.1 Release

更新 あ 原文 === Server Release 3.7.1 28 March 2019 Changed: Improved modification prevention of unique server identifier Fixed: Regression of permission bypass checks. Fixed: A rare crash when using the ServerQuery. === Server Release 3.7.0 19 March 2019 Important: Future releases of the Linux server will require glibc 2.17 or newer. Any older version will not be supported anymore. Added: New experimental features for the upcoming TeamSpeak 5 Client. Added: Server now logs when deleting someone else's avatar. [Read More]

TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.4.0 Release

更新 この間3.3じゃなかった? 原文 === Server Release 3.4.0 10 september 2018 Added: New parameter 'client_nickname' for the 'use' command, allows setting the nickname of query clients before they become visible on the server. Added: Added new parameter 'version' for the linux/mac/freebsd servers, that returns the version of the server and then exits. Does not work with '' unfortunately. Changed: The Server enforces the maximum number of clients. Changed: The 'sendPluginCommand' has gotten its own flood protection, and wont trigger flood protection for the rest of the client anymore. [Read More]

TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.9-3.2.0 Release

更新 (`・ω・´) 原文 === Client Release 3.2.0 02 Aug 2018 - Fixed error where the client does not handle a myTeamSpeakID update properly. === Client Release 3.2.0 13 Jul 2018 ! Dropped support for pre 3.1.0 TeamSpeak servers. + Introducing myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. Link your Twitch account with your myTeamSpeak account and enjoy special benefits on TeamSpeak servers of your subscribed Twitch streamers. This requires sending along your myTeamSpeak ID, enabling the server to check if your account is subscribed to the Streamer. [Read More]

TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.1.1-3.3.0 Release

サボ ア… 原文 === Server Release 3.3.0 1 august 2018 Added: We are proud to introduce myTeamSpeak integrations for Twitch. With it you can link your Twitch account with myTeamSpeak and configure the Server to give every twitch subscriber and follower a group when he joins the server. It will be taken away automatically, should the user unsubscribe or unfollow again. Added: We added SSH for the server query... that took a while, didn't it? [Read More]

TeamSpeak 3 Server Release

結構サボってた。 ゆるして 3.1.0でライセンス同意が追加されたのでそこだけ注意してください。 原文 === Server Release 3.1.0 14 february 2018 ! Before you run the teamspeak 3 server it is required that you agree to our license. This license can be found in the file "license.txt" or "LICENSE" (depending on your platform), which is located in the same location as the ts3server binary (the main folder). If, after reading it, you agree to the license, this can be indicated in one of three ways: 1: Create a file called ". [Read More]

TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.8 Release

更新 はやい 原文 === Client Release 3.1.8 19 Jan 2018 - Fixed disconnect on invalid connection info data. - Fixed macOS application bundle which caused the client to not start on case-sensitive file systems. - Hardened Linux startscript to better find installed SSL certificates. If no SSL certificates are found, don't crash the client on start but show meaningful error message (but we still cannot run without SSL certificates). - Fixed critical messagebox very early in the startup process, which tried to load an icon before the zip archive was initialized. [Read More]

TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.1.7 Release

更新 わすれてました 原文 === Client Release 3.1.7 13 Dec 2017 * Added setting in Options/Design to disable tree tooltips as requested by user feedback. Tooltips are enabled by default. * Added contextmenu to move bookmarks and identities between synchronized and local lists as usability improvement for sight-impaired users. * Updated license agreement in installers. * Various internal changes for our new server accounting system. * Added support for percent-encoded server nicknames in ts3server:// links, invite dialog and chat. [Read More]

systemd Timers の設定









Description=Git wo pull suru




Description=Git wo pull suru service dayo



$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload 
$ sudo systemctl enable purupuru.timer
$ sudo systemctl start purupuru.timer


$ sudo systemctl status purupuru.timer






$ pacman -S noto-fonts-emoji


How to render NotoColorEmoji on Linux · Issue #36 · googlei18n/noto-emoji · GitHub に書いてあること色々。



> The instructions that I used to originally enable color emoji for Github are located here: and they are no longer accurate!


$ cd /etc/fonts/conf.d
$ sudo ln -s ../conf.avail/66-noto-color-emoji.conf
$ fc-cache -f -v

systemd+softetherな環境でstatic routeを追加したアレ




極々ふつうなAntergos minimalな構成


/etc/systemd/network/[VPN_Adapter].network を編集し、ルートを追加する



で、$ reboot で再起動をする。